ensemble: oboe quartet (oboe, violin, viola, cello)
duration: 8-9 minutes
written: summer 2018
premiered: October 9th, 2018; Bloomington, IN

Program Note:

I. Telephone Game
II. Come Again
III. Anglia

I have long wanted to write an oboe quartet. The beautiful singing quality of a solo oboe is (unofficially) my favorite sound in chamber music. I’ve associated the solo oboe and string trio to be a uniquely English ensemble due mostly to the ensemble’s core and most recent repertoire to have been written by some of England’s leading composers including Britten, Malcom Arnold, Oliver Knussen, Harrison Birtwistle, Colin Matthews, and Helen Grime. The combination of this singing quality of the oboe and love own personal love of English chamber music lead me to write a series of “songs” for oboe and string trio.

The work is dedicated to my teacher Don Freund whose music has taught me the importance of a tried and true good tune. 

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