ensemble: large wind ensemble
grade: 4                              
duration: 12 minutes
written: winter-spring 2013
commissioned by: University of North Carolina-Greensboro University Band
premiered: October 2013, Greensboro, NC

B'rit is sold and published by Murphy Music Press

The title of this tone poem for wind ensemble, B’rit (pronounced “brït”), means in Hebrew covenant. The spiritual pact between humans and the divine is the essential element that makes a religion. In the Bible, for example, there is the covenant with the nation of Israel after the deliverance from Egypt, the covenant with Noah after the flood, as well as the first covenant with Adam and Eve. I have long been interested in the religions of the world and the idea of a Supreme Being coming down to Earth to bring about a change interested me in terms of what it would sound like musically.

The piece begins fairly quietly with short solos from almost every instrument in the ensemble, with each representing a group of people. These begin to build until we reach the moment where the sky opens and the spiritual figure enters our atmosphere. The heralding trumpets ring, the heavens shake, and the world is thrown into chaos. Soon after, the chaos subsides and a simple two note motif is introduced. This idea is carried through to a sweeping, joyous ending.

B’rit was commissioned by the University of North Carolina - Greensboro University Band; Timothy Ellison, conductor. It is dedicated to my sister, Jennifer Rankin.



performers: SUNY Fredonia Concert Band; Ray Stewart, conductor

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