Off The Presses

So the summer is coming to an end and this one has been particularly busy. A bunch of pieces had to be finished/written this summer whilst traveling from Maine to Tennessee to Washington DC and back again. I've come out on the other side with four (4!) new pieces plus a bizarre work in progress score for a production Sophie Treadwell's Machinal. Four of the five pieces are being performed/premiered this Fall so go out and lend an ear. No audio is up yet, but you can read my rambling program notes to build up anticipation. The fifth piece, Freedom Songs, which was written for the Carnage Middle School Symphonic Band is slated to be premiered in the Spring.

Also, some good news! My pieces for wind ensemble are now available for purchase THROUGH this website. In both the Contact and the wind ensemble pages, there is a direct link to the "store" where you can buy scores and parts. It works just like Amazon now; enter in the delivery address and payment method and I ZIP the parts to your door (via the wonderful USPS)!